Attention Asphalt Repair Owner: Still Using Black Mac? We Have A Better Solution!!


Jet Black Quickly, Easily and Safely Does Double-Duty, Preventing Cracks and Rejuvenating Oils Lost During Pavements Aging Process

Who Else Wants to Earn 75% More Per Customer While Saving $$$…

When you seal with Jet Black™ your customers will love you because it does more than create an eye-catching, shiny, deep black surface that lasts many years…

Create Shiny, Deep Black Surfaces that Get More Word of Mouth Referrals than a 5-Star Brochure

We Dare You to Compare It to ANY Oil-Based Sealant…

Quality Highest Quality Sourced RAW CANADIAN Materials (Compensates for the formulation flaws in asphalt) Asphalt Derivative (Made from the same asphalt that wears down)
Performance The HIGHEST resistance to fuel, salt, and tire wear. Looks dingy after a few years
Full Dry Time 24 Hours 24 Hours
Wait to Apply Line Stripping 24 Hours 24-48 Hours
Environmental Safety *Safer for kids/pets/gardeners* Manufactured with Mineral Spirits Made from Asphalt Derivative and Naptha Gas
Personal Safety Made from flammable liquid hydrocarbon which increases flash point and safety, is less toxic and less caustic to breath Manufactured with Naptha Gas and highly flammable
Cost/Square Foot 50% Lower than Black Mac 50% Higher than Jet Black
Coverage 1400 Sq Ft Per Barrel *Reduces Shipping Costs!* 750 Sq Ft Per Barrel (avg)
Application Spray, brush, or squeegee Spray
Seeps into Driveway Yes Yes
Holds Up to Harsh Weather YES YES
Longevity Guaranteed YES YES



All Backed By an Industry Standard Guarantee
“It’s No Wonder Customers are Snapping Up Your Services So Fast…”

Using a Revolutionary Sealant that Dries for Walking or Line Stripping within 24 Hours, Laughs at Snowplows and Severe Weather, and Outlasts Every Oil Based Sealer on the Market…

The Best Part: It Quickly, Easily and Safely Does Double-Duty, Preventing Cracks and Rejuvenating Oils Lost During Pavements Aging Process…

If you want to impress your customers, save on shipping, and generate more customer referrals than you’ve dreamed possible…

Invest in the Premium Mix of Raw Materials Sourced from the Best Place on the Planet: CANADA

  • Hours

  • % Lower than Black Mac

  • % More than Black Mac


More Customers, More Projects, More Profit


Commercial Parking Lots

And More


Q: “I’ve been using Black Mac for years. My customers expect it. What should I tell them?”

A: As previous Black Mac applicators, we asked the same question. What we came to realize was that JetBlack™ actually satisfies the reason we got into business in the first place, better than Black Mac did... and it was time for a change. So we told our customers the truth: That as experts in our industry, we always stay on the cutting edge of technology, yet we only recommend products we’ve tried and proven to work! Jet Black provides better, faster, more environmentally friendly results that outlasts other sealants.

Q: Do I need to change my system from how I am currently applying Black Mac (or other sealers)?

A: Not at all! However you are applying your current sealer will also work for JetBlack™ so long as your method ALSO works for Black Mac.

Q: Do you have any training videos about how to apply Jet Black™?

A: Fantastic idea and we had the same idea! We`re currently formulating an entire training system for newcomers to the industry, and which you can use to train your crew, impress your customers so you get more referrals, more projects and more profits! Stay tuned...they`re coming soon.

Q: Do I need any type of specialized training to use Jet Black(tm) to restore my customers’ surfaces to a shiny, deep-black surface?

A: While Jet Black™ requires no specialized training to apply, we always recommend you obtain and maintain the highest level of certification and training in asphalt diagnostics and repair so as to best serve your customer.

Q: Who do I contact with any other questions that arise?

A: You can contact us at 1-844-ASA-7477 and

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Try JetBlack™. We know you’ll love the compliments you receive from customers, the increased project referrals, saving on shipping costs, how it outperforms and outlasts other oil based sealants - and everything else you can think it’ll do for your company, and rest easy knowing that it does everything we say.


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